I'll be a regular visitor from now on

  • Scritto da: Retrysak

Just want to complement you guys on "rocking" gamingsite and which you good luck in the future. I'm playing "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow" at the moment and loving every minute of it. Have you played it Lorenzo and in that case what do you think of it? And as far as i'm concerned i'll be a regular visitor on Gamereactor Italy from now on :)

Isak (aka. Retrysak) from Sweden


Hi Isak. No, unfortunately I haven't played Castelvania: Lords of Shadow yet. But it's on my "must have list". I think I'll wait for a lower price and then I will get it. Because this Christmas is gonna be super hot in terms of games, so we better be careful and concentrate our shopping in what I call the "dead period" (january - march). Usually in those months we don't see many new releases, so it's a nice time to buy some games very popular this fall at a reduced price.

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